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Aaron Landsman

Aaron Landsman recently presented a diptych of monologues, Empathy School / Love Story, at Abrons Arts Center this past spring. Other recent projects include Appointment, a suite of works in offices for a single viewer and a single performer, presented variously in Phoenix, Oslo and New York; Open House, commissioned by The Foundry Theatre and performed in 24 NYC apartments, later remounted in Novi Sad, Serbia, and Phoenix; and the play Running Away From The One With The Knife, at The Chocolate Factory. He collaborates regularly with Jim Findlay, and with director Mallory Catlett; from 2012-2014, the three presented the participatory performance City Council Meeting in five US cities; they are currently developing a new project, Squares, with photographer Paul Shambroom. Aaron has been a Princeton Arts Fellow, and the 2014-2016 ASU Gammage Residency Artist. Landsman has performed with Elevator Repair Service in the work of many artists. He is a playwright in residence at Abrons Arts Center, and a Visiting Associate Professor and Belknap Humanities Fellow at Princeton.

Upcoming: Excerpts at Crossing The Line, October 25, 2016; Premiere at Crossing The Line, Fall 2017