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Built for Collapse

Photo by Avery McCarthy/ Square-Three.com

Built for Collapse is an award-winning theater company committed to building multi-disciplinary work that challenges theatrical form. We develop each project through a highly physical process inspired by found texts, visual art, and pop culture to create a live collage of the world and its stories. We have developed works nationally and internationally with The Drama League, BRIC Arts | Media House, Ars Nova, Three Legged Dog, The New Ohio, Prelude, HERE, Dixon Place, Laguardia Performing Arts Center, Theater for the New City, The Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Hangar Theatre, Prague Fringe, Prague Film and Theater Center, Vox Populi in Bulgaria, Ikincikat Theatre in Turkey, Goldex Poldex Gallery in Poland and others. Recipient of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant, Brooklyn Arts Council Grant, ART-NY Creative Space Grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council MCAF Grant, and Prague Fringe ‘Inspiration Award’ for Best New Work. A Rome Fringe International Selection. Artistic Director, Sanaz Ghajar.

Upcoming: Summer 2017, as part of the Archive Residency program (a collaboration between New Ohio Theatre and IRT Theater)