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Ilan Bachrach & Robert M Johanson

Photo courtesy of the artist

Ilan Bachrach has performed / designed / collaborated with numerous companies including Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Radiohole, Half Straddle, Pig Iron, The National Theater of the United States of America, Sibyl Kempson, Jim Findlay, and others. Commendations include: an Obie Award, a BESSIE nomination, a state breakfast in Australia. Bachrach’s photo and video work has been published in the New York Times, Art Forum, FIAF, and billboards worldwide. In 2013 Bachrach founded Mass Live Arts the first arts organization in New England dedicated to presenting and commissioning large scale works of contemporary performance from the world’s most exciting artists.

Robert M. Johanson is a freelance performer/composer/director in New York. He is a founding member of Nature Theater of Oklahoma, and has performed with the company in a number of festivals and theaters around the world in No Dice, Poetics: a Ballet Brut, and Romeo and Juliet. Robert also composed music for and performed in Nature Theater’s opera/musical cycle Life and Times: Episodes 1-4, which won an Obie award in 2013.  Robert also composed music for and appears in the films Life and Times: Episodes 7-9. Recently he has worked with Sibyl Kempson’s new theatre company Seven Daughter’s of Eve on their productions of Let Us Now Praise Susan Sontag, Public People’s Enemy, and 12 Shouts. In the fall and spring Robert will be working with Witness Relocation and Elevator Repair Service. He is a frequent teacher at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, and has directed and composed music for is own music theater pieces Life is Hard and Life is Very Hard in Norway and Estonia.