Welcome Failure

Igor Mortis

Friday, October 7
Segal Theatre
Photo by Christopher Domenick

Photo by Christopher Domenick

A poetic re-animation of the Frankenstein myth, told from the perspective of the stage figure “Igor,” and inspired by Mary Shelley’s original novel. Written and directed by Sean Edward Lewis, assistant director Katie DeMarse, sound/live scoring Julie Hair, Set/Art Direction Ulla Warchol, dramaturgy Mark Gowers, performed by Claire Campbell, Mark Gowers, Fletcher Liegerot, Katy Pinke.

Participating Artists: Sean Lewis, Mark Dowers, Claire Campbell, Julie hair, Fletcher Liegerot, Ulla Warchol, Katy Pinke. Media/Video by Thomas Kavanagh.

This event is part of a performance series from 6:00pm- 8:30pm, followed by a short discussion.
Start time is approximate.

  • Sean Edward Lewis/ LILAC CO.
    Photo by Paul Warchol

    LILAC CO. Is an ensemble driven experimental theater company based in Brooklyn, NY and founded by writer/actor/director Sean Edwards Lewis. Committed to a practice rooted in the personalities of its performers, and in the writing of Lewis, lilac seeks a Lo-Fi simplicity of extreme rigor that demands the maximum participation of all present.

    Upcoming: The Brick, Brooklyn NY FEB 2017, 2 week run (opening)