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Friday, October 7
Segal Theatre
Photo by David Andrako

Photo by David Andrako

Pillowtalk is an intimate, gay bedroom drama centered around Sam and Back, an interracial gay couple whose recent marriage comes to a crux. Staged as a contemporary balletic pas de deux, Pillowtalk asks: can communities of color truly celebrate marriage equality in times of #BlackLivesMatter?
Performing Artists:
Performers: Raja Feather Kelly, Daniel K. Isaac;
Composer: Helen Yee; Sound Designer: Lawrence Schober;
Lighting Design: Chuan-Chi Chan;
Costume Design: Andrew Jordan;
Set Design: Wade Kramm & Marie Yokoyama;
Stage Manager: Luis Santiago
This event is part of a performance series from 6:00pm- 8:30pm, followed by a short discussion.
Start time is approximate.
  • Kyoung’s Pacific Beat
    Photo by David Flores

    Kyoung’s Pacific Beat is a peacemaking theater company based in Brooklyn, New York, which promotes a culture of peace through the production of new works of theater written and directed by Kyoung H. Park. In collaboration with artists from different cultures and disciplines, KPB rigorously explores sources of violence and engages local communities in the creation of its work, to develop an empathetic understanding of underrepresented perspectives, while creatively dismantling systems of oppression. Radically experimenting with form, KPB transforms personal and communal experiences of oppression into challenging new works of theater that align with non- violent struggles for peace and social justice, to serve as a model for how art can be an agent of liberation.

    Upcoming: Pillowtalk Post Gay Marriage Politics Long Table (Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies “After Marriage” Conference, Oct 1., 2016); Pillowtalk Workshop Production (LaGuardia Performing Arts College, Rough Draft Festival 2017, Exact Dates TBD)