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Radio Delirio

Thursday, October 6
Elebash Recital Hall
Photo by Daniel Jack Lyons

Photo by Daniel Jack Lyons

A piano recital featuring only the page turner. A radio program hot on the trail of a whistleblower hiding in plain view of the audience. Radio Delirio imagines the reverse side of a concert taken over by the man no one was meant to notice. While dutifully minding the score, the page-turner weaves his own show over the music: a news exposé-cum-manhunt-cum-chronicle of a precarious sense of self. The language of investigative news is employed – warped and digressed from – counterpointed by a layered physical score, to reveal a tragicomic look atassimilation, derailment, and fear of inconsequence. Radio Delirio was developed in part through a Performing Arts Residency at YADDO.

Participating Artists:
Written by Alessandro Magania
Choreography: Alessandro Magania
Performed by: Steve Cuiffo, Kim Macron, Alessandro Magania, Simo Peretti
Sound and set design: Simo Peretti
Produced by: Lingua Franca Arts
Dramaturgy: Shae D’lyn

This event is part of a performance series from 6:00pm- 8:00pm, followed by a short discussion.
Start time is approximate.

  • Alessandro Magania
    Photo Courtesy of the Artist

    Alessandro Magania is an actor, dancer, writer and director originally from Bologna, Italy. In addition to performing in other people’s work he has been creating his own stage and film material, experimenting with storytelling forms and ways in which to employ his lifelong passion for motion, transition and incongruities. Radio Delirio is his first full-evening piece. Hardcore, a short piece he co-created with actress Kourtney Rutherford was presented at Dixon Place in 2014. As a performer he has appeared in works by, among others, The Wooster Group, Eliza Bent, Sibyl Kempson, The Operating Theatre, Peter Petralia, Allison Plamondon, Andrew Ondrejcak, and Tereke Ortiz – in the US and internationally – and in a handful of feature films, amongst which Utopians (Zbigniew Bzymek), Love, Ludlow (Adrienne Weiss), Past Present Future (Andrew Gitomer). He has also performed in videos by artists Alison Folland, Viva Ruiz, and Diller Scofidio + Renfro. He co-authored the screenplay for the feature film The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (2004 Cannes Film Festival), and in 2012 directed, with musician Max Tannone, the documentary There Were Always Dogs Never Kids (Special Mention Prize -Milano MIX Festival, Italy). His video work has been featured by Visionaire, Artforum and Nowness.

    Upcoming: This piece is in the early stages of development looking towards a Spring 2017 premiere TBD.