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Real Talk / Kip Talk

Friday, October 7
The Liberty
Photo courtesy of the artist

Photo courtesy of the artist

Real Talk / Kip Talk is a live talk show about the state of contemporary performance in New York City hosted by the one and only Kippy Winston. Live episodes will be brought to Abrons Arts Center Dec 3, Feb 24, and April 14.

Followed by the PRELUDE 2016 Closing Night Party.

  • Kippy Winston

    Kippy Winston’s web log began in 2008, but Kippy’s peripatetic life started long ago. Older than the hills, sassier than sassafras, world citizen Kippy Winston is a media mogul and internet sensation. Kippy has launched careers and quashed natural disasters. Kippy has averted war and sparked revolutions. As a mover and shaker and cultural taste-maker, Winston has high-fived with world leaders, strutted down catwalks, danced in piazzas, and experienced more live performance than Kippy would care to admit.

    Linguist and lover of puns, Kippy’s musings on art, life, and la cultura have taken on unique forms over the years as a flog (faux blog), late gossip column Just Ask Kippy and of course the seminal—and semi-autumnal—publication THE RADISH (PRELUDE ‘13 and ‘14). Most recently Kippy has toiled as a press rep for the stars—not an exaggeration at all!

    An Andy Rooney of the PoMo age, a Gadfly of the Gilded era, a Muckraker with the Mostess, and an Elaine Stritch that’ll have you in stitches, Kippy transcends genre, form and content. Journalism meets hedonism in Winston’s word play(s). [wink!] “Hey world. Here I am. Kippy Winston and loving life.”