Welcome Failure

The Loon

Friday, October 7
Elebash Recital Hall
Photo by Mara Baranova

Photo by Mara Baranova

An all new, evening length, knock-down-drag-out, dance/theater show based in part on Voices of the Loon (an educational record put out by the Audubon Society in 1980); the work of sociologist Erving Goffman; At Home–Bill Bryson’s study of the history of domestic life; party games; and what happens when the party is going VERY late into the night/next morning. A follow up of sorts to WR’s acclaimed 2006 Dancing vs. The Rat Experiment. Choreographed & Directed by Dan Safer, Created by Witness Relocation with Guest Artist Robert M. Johanson
Participating Artists: Dan Safer, Robert M. Johanson, TBD
This event is part of a performance series from 7:30pm- 9:00pm, followed by a short discussion.
Start time is approximate.
  • Dan Safer/ Witness Relocation
    Photo by Maria Baranova

    Witness Relocation formed in 2000 and is led by director/choreographer Dan Safer. They make shows ranging from fully scripted plays to original, devised dance/theater pieces to many things in between. Based in New York City, they are recognized as one of the “ensembles who now lead the city’s progressive theater scene” (Village Voice), and are the recipients of three New York Innovative Theater Awards. They perform frequently in dance and theater venues in NYC and internationally.

    Upcoming: Ubu Sings Ubu at Highline Ballroom Nov 20