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Time Trickle ‘Cross You (The Haunted)

Thursday, October 6
Segal Theatre
Photo by Daybird Photography

Photo by Daybird Photography

Time Trickle ‘Cross You (The Hunted) is a Queer performance mythology that traces indigeneity and futurity through the interdisciplinary storytelling of a Queer Black Indian warrior. Exploring Black Indian and Yorùbá heritages and mythologies of resistance, this performance installation intersects dance, visual, and performance art. Part ritual, The Hunted collapses boundaries between historic and contemporary anti-Black violence towards an invoked futurity.

Participating Artist:
performer: Ni’Ja Whitson
music: Ni’Ja Whitson

This event is part of a performance series from 7:30pm- 9:30pm, followed by a short discussion.
Start time is approximate.

  • Ni’Ja Whitson
    Photo by Fly for Daybird Photography

    Ni’Ja Whitson: An award-winning interdisciplinary artist, performer and writer, Ni’Ja Whitson, has been referred to as “majestic” and “powerful” by the New York Times, winning dozens of awards across disciplines while engaging a nexus of postmodern and African Diasporic performance practices, intersecting gender, sexuality, race, and spirit. Recent awards include an LMCC Process Space Residency, Bogliasco Fellowship, Brooklyn Arts Exchange Artist Residency, two-time Creative Capital “On Our Radar” award including being among its inaugural group. As a practitioner of indigenous and diasporic African ritual and resistance forms, Whitson creates work that reflects the sacred in performance and transformative workshop/facilitation. Proudly, they collaborate with notables in experimental and conventional theatre, dance, visual art, and music including closely with Sharon Bridgforth and Douglas Ewart, and other leaders such as Dianne McIntyre, Charlotte Brathwaite, Regina Taylor, Oliver Lake, Ed ward Wilkerson Jr., Daniel Alexander Jones, Marjani Forté-Saunders, and Baba Israel. Ni’Ja Whitson is currently on faculty at the New School for Liberal Arts and is the founder/artistic director of The NWA Project.

    Upcoming: LMCC Open Studio – Performance Reading, JACK spring 2017