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7:30–9pm / Oct 5 / Elebash Hall

Dramaturgy of Disruption

Theater Mitu

critical response

Kevin Riordan

Photo courtesy of Theater Mitu

Dramaturgy of Disruption

Theater Mitu’s work hinges on the methodical disruption of processes as a means of expanding theatre research and practice. Engaging a rigorously interdisciplinary approach, the company focuses on collision as collaboration while challenging traditional modes of storytelling, image crafting, and theatremaking. Framing dramaturgy as the consideration of structures and their impacts, Theater Mitu investigates a range of dramaturgical approaches as they pertain to process; including instinct, ideation, rehearsal, aesthetics, architecture, space, and the performance of work. In doing so, we consider dramaturgy of disruption as a means towards innovation and a richer understanding of art’s role at this critical moment. This event includes live and recorded excerpts from Theater Mitu’s past productions.

Theater Mitu expands the definition of theatre through methodical experimentation with its form. We share knowledge, spark dialogue, and strengthen our community through cultivating radical ways of reimagining our world. We embody this by way of our theatrical productions, trans-global research, artist support opportunities, education programs, and the curated programming of MITU580, our multi-use arts space in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The company’s productions have been presented at NYTW, BAM, The Public Theater, Z Space, CAC New Orleans, and Mass MoCA. Internationally by The Cairo Opera House (Egypt), The Kontakt Festival (Poland), DuocUC (Chile), The NYUAD Arts Center (UAE), and the MESS Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina).


IG: @theatermitu

Critical Respondent

Kevin Riordan is assistant professor in the School of Humanities at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His research interests include theatre and performance studies, modernism, and world literature, and his recent articles have appeared in journals such as Modern Drama, Performance Research, and Modernism/modernity. He is currently at work on his first book, a performance history of the around-the-world tour. Riordan was a 2018 Writing Fellow at the Johannesburg Institute of Advanced Study and is a co-founder of the Modernist Studies in Asia research network. He has worked with Theater Mitu since 2013.

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