11pm–12:30am / Oct 3 / Segal Theatre

How to (Over)Throw a Party

Jaclyn Backhaus

William Burke

Phillip Howze

Sofya Levitsky-Weitz

Isaac Oliver

Alexander Paris

Chad Raines

Kate Tarker

How to (Over)Throw a Party

What’s your Dream party?

Parties and social gatherings are bedrocks of New York City. Whether they’re opening night celebrations, symposia, meet-and-greets, or simply people hanging out together, parties spark joy, get people moving, initiate collaborations, and mark milestones. Parties in the political sense also shape our work as artists and our lives as citizens, whether it be the Democrats and the Republicans or Black Lives Matter and Decolonize This Place. For this event, PRELUDE 2019 asked a group of artists to dream up a party, and, in doing so, to reflect on the importance of gathering together, not only to celebrate and let loose but also to organize and take action.

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