9–11pm / Oct 3 / Segal Theatre

Iranian Girlfriend

Sanaz Ghajar

cracking open – Orpheus Rising

Cristina Pitter & Serena Miller

RESURRECTION of the DARK MATTER Think Tank 2020!

Bailey Williams + Derek Smith + Alex Rodabaugh

Photos by Dave Tennent, Sam Horvath, Bailey Williams
Works-in-Process are excerpts from new work, in development or recently premiered.


Iranian Girlfriend

It’s the middle of June and you’re at a bar in Bushwick. She’s perched in a corner drinking whiskey and reading about revolution in dark times. She’s got a line from a poem tattooed on her arm, and two months later you finally ask her who wrote it. She makes you strawberry jam as she tells you about Sylvia Plath, tells you her story and other stories, stories about women who lived through wars, pursued love, attended college, had abortions, contemplated divorce, and bought a lot of fancy dresses. It’s almost winter now and you bring her home to meet your parents. They think her name is interesting.

Written & Directed by Sanaz Ghajar
Dramaturgy by C.C. Kellogg
Video Design by Dave Tennent

Sanaz Ghajar is an Iranian-American director, writer, curator, and DJ. Described as having a “deft directorial touch” (Culturebot), she has developed work with The Drama League, BRIC Arts | Media, Ars Nova, New York Theatre Workshop, New Ohio Theatre, Red House Center for Culture & Debate in Bulgaria, Prague Film & Theater Center, and others. Alumni of Drama League Directors Project, NYTW 2050 Fellowship, Clubbed Thumb Fellowship, Mabou Mines SUITE/Space Initiative.

Upcoming: Directing BLOODSHOT as well as The Cellos Dialogue at The Exponential Festival (Winter 2020), Directing As You Like It at Graduate Acting – NYU Tisch (Spring 2020).


Insta: @call_me_sanaz

cracking open – Orpheus Rising

cracking open is a storytelling series navigating various dynamics of relationships. Orpheus Rising is the first in the series and it is a story of cosmic connections and the bittersweet brutality of love. With poetry written by Cristina Pitter and live cello by Serena Miller, cracking open explores the imprints a soul can leave, the exhilarations and exhaustions of intimacy, and how to restring a heart to play again. Does it play again?

Cristina Pitter is a queer afro-latina fat babe nomad artist, sex educator, and founder of The Ashe Collective, an ancestral storytelling and community outreach group.

Serena Ebony Miller is an actor, musician and music-maker originally from Baltimore, MD.

IG: @lavidabrujeria

RESURRECTION of the DARK MATTER Think Tank 2020!

OCTOBER 2019 : RESURRECTION of the DARK MATTER Think Tank 2020! A 20 MINUTE InterGayLactic SYMPOSIUM in New York City (CUNY/Prelude) with GAYLAXIA (Founder and Grand Master of the I.W.O.W.) and #MetaphysicalFriends. $0 EARLY TICKETS / $0 DAY OF (“Money is a Myth!” – Gaylaxia). Private Location, No Children Allowed Due to Spontaneous Indoor Fireworks and Dominoes Mini-Pizzas Cannon Guns. Live Wrestling! ABSOLUTELY: No Video, phone, audio, STREAM! With an opening Libation and Meditation in A Secret Location. HAIL CHIRON!!!

Bailey Williams + Derek Smith + Alex Rodabaugh once gave the timeshare presentation of a lifetime. It was called Buffalo Bailey’s Ranch for Gay Horses, Troubled Teen Girls and Other: a 90 Minute Timeshare Presentation (“lunatics” – Helen Shaw, Time Out New York). They did it at Exponential Festival in 2018, then at The Brick, The Annex (Baltimore), and The Whole Shebang (PA) in a BudLime Light Lime sponsored tour-de-timeshare. You can watch it on Recently, they quit theatre forever and now wait tables at the last Romano’s Macaroni Grill in the tri-state area in Fairless Hills, PA.


Insta: @buffalobailey, @gayhorsederek


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